Uncle Ho, Lil' Jesus and Anton LaVey

Now who wouldn't watch that sitcom, I ask you?


tomstewdevine at: 3:56 PM said...

Heh, Ya I would definitely watch that show, but let be realistic, that's not going to happen. What would work is a big one-shot comic with these guys as the main characters fighting crime. Hey maybe even another ongoing.

All joking aside I can't wait for the next Scalped, I just finished reading the PunisherMax Bullseye issue, and dear god was it over the top craziness. I mean how far up his ass was that gun.

Thanks for the great work,
Tom Devine
Sioux Falls, SD

William the Clown King at: 6:17 PM said...

One can never be quite sure what words gets passed over once they are put out into the ether; but I recently read the September 2010 issue of Wizard magazine, elated to find an article about Mr. Aaron, whose work I've been astonished by in all my favorite Marvel books. I was blown away to find a wee little Anton LaVey amongst the other colourful homunculi in the photograph, and I spent over an hour trying to find it for sale somewhere online. I'm an active LaVeyan Satanist and would love to know where one could get such a product..is it custom? Is it from an obscure online store I can't find?
Once again, I never know if these comments ever get read or responded to or what have you, but any information would be greatly appreciated! And keep up the excellent work, Mr. Aaron!!! I wish I could find a writer like yourself to pen my book!

William Taulbee

Jason Aaron at: 6:34 PM said...

It was custom-made. Here's the artist's MySpace page:


Thanks for reading.

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