Do Some Damage likes SCALPED

From Do Some Damage: An Inside Look at Crime Fiction:

"I continue to be blown away by SCALPED.

It’s a shining example of great comics, of what can be done with the medium that can’t be done with film, television or books...

First it’s worth noting that I came relatively late to the party. I actually flicked through the first couple of issues and….it didn’t grab me. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind, I guess. After I heard the growing praise, I picked up the first trade, Indian Country, and it hooked me a little. I wasn’t fully sold on this being the best thing since sliced bread, but I enjoyed it and kept going. It’s now up to its fourth trade, The Gravel In Your Guts, and I’m hooked. I need it.
Each time I think I have it figured out, it adds another layer or takes a new turn."


Steve Weddle at: 9:38 AM said...
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Steve Weddle at: 9:40 AM said...

As a fellow DO SOME DAMAGE guy, I gotta say when Jay tells me to buy something I usually do -- and I'm usually pleased, though not all the time.

This comic was fantastic. I picked up a few of the last issues (never been a fan of the trades in general as a product)and will be buggin the dudes at the shop for all the back issues now. Nice work, sir.

Anonymous at: 1:38 PM said...

I know some people say it´s not complex or deep enough, still SCALPED feels like poetry to me. It´s in Red Crow´s eyes, the way he sometimes sits there like a beaten dog and the next minute he´s an outright asshole. Of course it is darker than reality. Still, art is free. Like the world,it is dark, but like the world it is also beautiful, like the love Granny Poor Bear has for her family ...
Keep on writing!

Jason Aaron at: 6:41 PM said...

Do people really say it's not complex enough? I haven't heard that one.

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