As announced this weekend, there's a group of one-shots coming out in September that together represent Norman Osborn's evil "To Do List." I'm writing the WOLVERINE installment, which will focus on the Weapon Plus program, specifically The World, which was the superlab introduced in Grant Morrison's NEW X-MEN run, and will also feature a couple of other crazy cool Morrison toys I've been dying to get my hands on: Fantomex and Marvel Boy. Oh, and there's also an all-new Weapon XVI, unlike any other weapon the program has ever produced. It's drawn by the great Esad Ribic and it's gonna be a hoot.

Did I mention that this'll be the first ever meeting between Marvel Boy and Fantomex? Don't know if you just got a nerd boner, but I sure did.


Bruce Castle at: 8:13 AM said...

Yes, yes, very cool.

I don't mean to sound like a whiny fanboy, but why does Marvel call Noh-Varr Marvel Boy?

Nobody ever called him that in the mini.

Bendis can call him that all he wants, but rise above it, Jason!

Again, sorry for sounding like an ass.

Fred at: 11:58 PM said...

Morrison's Marvel Boy mini is one of my favorite minis ever. I wish he had finished his planned trilogy of minis with the character. I guess "the good guy" waging cosmic zen fascist (or whatever the hell he called noh-varr's philosophy) JIHAD was not a good idea after 9/11.

Scalped is really great. Really great. You know how to write action, character portrait type scenes, you have a knack for dialog.

Your Ghost Rider and Wolverine stuff looks really awesome and I will be checking them out when money permits.

This is really neat news. I'm looking forward to it.

daniel harvey at: 7:36 PM said...

Just got it today. Friggin' loved it. Very well done, JA. Tremendously entertaining.

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