Cover for SCALPED #32


Fathi at: 5:48 AM said...

Looks great !

Again, you set the bar very high with the HIGH LONESOME run and I sincerly hope the next issues will be as tough, wild and nasty. If you manage to do so... Well... I guess John Milius will finally find his heir !

Keep up the good work !

BrikHed at: 8:09 AM said...

wow - Jock should be forced to do the cover art for EVERY comic on the market today.. unreal

vinicius jatoba at: 10:13 AM said...

Jason, what happened with Scalped? Are you leaving it? I really like Wood writing (DMZ is great), but I was surprised to see his name on the solicitations doing the scripts for Scalped. Is it permanent? Greetings from Brazil. Best,

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