Where Else to Find Me Online

Here's the rundown:

I'm always posting on my message board at standardattrition.org. There are Q&A threads for each one of my books, plus a bibliography and art posts and heartwarming stories like this.

I occasionally post things at the Standard Attrition group blog that you won't see reprinted here, like the recent end of the year sit-rep.

I spout random nonsense throughout the day at twitter (usually having to do with football or my parental misadventures) and post my photos to flickr (though I've never been much of a shutterbug) and if you wanna know what's on my iPod then check out last.fm (hint: there's a lot of Springsteen and alt-country).

I also have pages at myspace and facebook, but admittedly I don't keep up with either one of them very well. If you want to get in touch with me, best bet is to use the email address listed on this page instead of trying to contact me through either one of those other sites.


BrikHed at: 12:53 PM said...

you are everywhere - how do you have time to write scenes for those "metric-tons of kick-assery" that is being drawn for you?

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