The Oregonian on SCALPED

There may be better comic books on your shelf each week, but there is no better graphic novel, unfolding in monthly installments, than Jason Aaron's Scalped.

I understand the aversion to the term "graphic novel," the suspicion that comics fans are trying a little too hard to label the sequential storytelling that has overflowed its normal boundaries. But Aaron has approached the first 23 issues of Scalped with the novelist's sensibility, slowly developing a storyline -- and a cast of characters Cormac McCarthy would love -- which requires that readers used to the immediate and insipid gratifications of mainstream titles recognize they are in it for the long haul.

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Fathi at: 3:25 PM said...

I agree with Steve Duin that SCALPED is full of characters that Cormac McCarthy would love. But SCALPED would also put a big smile on the face of John Milius. His sensibility is stamped all over it.

Jason Aaron at: 3:28 PM said...

Thanks for saying that. WOLVERINES!

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