Big day for me today

This is the first time I've ever had three books out on the same day, so yeah, it's a big one for me. There's SCALPED #18, a special stand-alone issue that focuses on tribal officer Falls Down and features art by Davide Furno. GHOST RIDER #24, which features Johnny Blaze behind bars and is the first issue by new artist Tan Eng Huat. And then there's my first issue of HELLBLAZER, and I'm very proud just to be adding my name to the list of writers who've worked on that series. Look for one or two or all three of these periodicals at your local funny book establishment.


Marc Bryant at: 11:32 AM said...

I think this makes you one of only two "yanks" (hate that term) to write Hellblazer. Looking forward to checking it out.

Josh Flanagan at: 10:57 PM said...

You got Pick of the Week at iFanboy once more.

Thanks for more good books.

persianp at: 9:25 AM said...

Usually I hate stand-alone issues that don't focus on the main character. Usually. This Scalped was not one of those cases, well done. But what was I expecting, a bad issue of Scalped? In the words of the immortal Gob, "Come on!"

David Wynne at: 1:34 AM said...

Hate to be an echo, but yeah, that was a damn fine comic. Scalped is by far and away my favourite comic right now, and the first one I read when I get out of the comic shop.

Random comment: I loved that Falls Down reads romance novels and watches soaps. Nice touch.

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