Preview of GHOST RIDER #23

Due in stores this Wednesday, May 21.


Joe Lalich at: 11:26 PM said...

hey jason...i am a comic book penciler casting about for work in the business. i just finished a short story for th3rd world studios that will be solicited in july. i've also been talking with a lot of folks up at marvel and DC. i would love to get your thoughts on my stuff. if you have a second, please check out my portfolio here:

thanks for your time and good luck and continued success...
joe lalich

Chris at: 5:09 PM said...


I've been running a Ghost Rider review site for the last several years (though unfortunately I haven't updated in a while), and GR is easily my favorite comic/literary character. I want to thank you for bringing the awesome to the Ghost Rider series, and I look forward to each new issue.

And that last page of # evil, evil man.

Jason Aaron at: 12:07 AM said...

Thanks, Chris. I've checked out your site before. Really glad you're liking the book.

Anonymous at: 11:33 PM said...

Mr. Aaron i just wanted to say I really have been enjoying your work on wolverine and ghost rider.

I am curious to know if you will ever include Daimon hellstorm in one of your ghost rider stories?

Since he is practically a hell-lord.

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