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From Millarworld:
Question: Is SCALPED going to be like other ongoing Vertigo series in terms of length (about 50-75 issues long)?

My answer: I sure hope so. As of right now, I have the series mapped out to around issue #30, when the shit really hits the fan. In those first thirty issues, we'll meet tribal cops, meth addicts, greedy officials from the BIA, practitioners of Jeet Kune Do, the Dawg Soldierz, the Burn Victims, an FBI agent named after Warren Oates' father, a two time Soldier of Fortune Combat Knife Champion, a brutal Hmong street gang, a Heyoka who talks to his horse and the sheriff who presides over the largest drunk tank in the United States.

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My page on MySpace has a couple of slideshows with preview art from both THE OTHER SIDE and SCALPED.

THE OTHER SIDE has its own MySpace page, where you can make yourself eligible for all sorts of cool prizes (including original art) just by adding THE OTHER SIDE to your Top Friends.

I just recently signed up for this all comic book version of MySpace.

Check out all sorts of character sketches and preview pages from my books, as well as the occasional photo.

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Shay at: 4:05 PM said...

Oooh, sounds awesome..!

shambhala at: 9:53 AM said...


I can't thank you enough for _Scalped._ As an Indian comic book reader (I suspect there aren't too many in that category) I'm really excited to see a book about modern Indian people. Hopefully this will open many people's eyes to the conditions of rez life, and hopefully spark public debate over the role and morality of Indian casinos. I hope that the series can show some of the dignity and beauty of Indian culture as well as the ugliness. I can't wait to see Issue #2!


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