Why Thor fans should read Southern Bastards

In the current arc of THOR GOD OF THUNDER, grumpy old King Thor is fighting hungry old Galactus, using the might of his magic hammer, Mjolnir.

Now, just imagine that instead of a magic hammer, it was a big gnarled stick, one that maybe has a bit of magic of its own. And instead of coming from Asgard, the grumpy old guy hailed from Alabama. And instead of fighting Galactus...

It was the south's most powerful and vicious high school football coach.


It's like THOR. Only with more cursing. And more BBQ. And the same amount of beards.

Make sure your local retailer orders you up a copy.


8thlight at: 7:53 PM said...

Can't wait!

saint dhoko at: 8:15 PM said...

Mr. Aaron,

Just answer me that one and I'll buy your books for a lifetime:

In Thor God Of Thunder #2, pages 17 and 18.

Who's the Thor that calls the Thunder? The Avenger Thor (it looks like his helmet in the blurred page) or the young Thor?

My friends and I are arguing time after time about it.

Jason Aaron at: 11:15 PM said...

On page 18, it's Young Thor fighting Gorr in panels 1-2. Then it switches to the present day and Avenger Thor in panel 3.

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