SITREP: May 2011

Been a busy month. Jesus. X-MEN SCHISM is officially wrapped, as of today. Now I only have two other Super Secret New Marvel Projects on which to work.

I've added a new stop on my convention schedule for the year. I'll be making my first trip to the homeland of Wolverine himself when I head to FanExpo Canada in August. Can't wait to meet ya, Canucklehead comic book fans.

Been catching up on my comic reading. Scott Snyder is killing it on DETECTIVE COMICS. As is Remender on X-FORCE. Gotta be my two favorite current books, along with Grant Morrison's ever amazing Batman work. 

Making my way through the Harry Potter movies with my son. Just watched #5, HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, which I thought was by far the best one yet. Love the big wizarding battle at the end. Makes Gandalf vs. Saruman in FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING look like a bit of awkward fumbling.

I recently deleted my old Facebook page and created a couple new ones. The old one had gotten rather unwieldy and useless. The new fan page I made is here. I have a personal page as well, but that's only for folks I actually know, so I can keep up with out-of-town friends and such.

Go Mavs. God, I hate the Lakers.

See, I do sometimes smile. Sorta.


Anonymous at: 12:18 AM said...

you hate the lakers?! sheesh i think i know which books im gonna take off my pull list now...


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