More praise for SCALPED and THE OTHER SIDE

About THE OTHER SIDE #5, Don MacPherson of Eye on Comics says:
"Writer Jason Aaron brings this war story to a satisfying and fitting conclusion... The power of this storytelling sets up Jason Aaron as the heir apparent to the legacy that Garth Ennis established at DC/Vertigo in the 1990s."

Dalton Walker at Reznet News writes about SCALPED:
"Jason Aaron’s new creation hits the mark. His latest work might start an avalanche unlike Indian Country has ever seen... If SCALPED doesn’t leave shivers down your back, read it again."

Newsarama's Best Shots praises SCALPED:
"First things first: the new SCALPED has the best-looking cover on this week’s rack. Now, on to the reviewing, right? Like LOVELESS, DMZ, and several other books these days, SCALPED reads like an action movie or a TV show. It bounces backward and forward in time, punctuated by dollops of violence, splashes of sexuality, and seeds of future storylines planted everywhere you look. It could be a film directed by Scorsese, or a Sopranos spinoff, but it’s got one unexpected element for a tale of corruption and organized crime: it’s set on an Indian reservation."

Matt Fraction, amazing writer of THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST and CASANOVA, tells Silver Bullet Comics:
QUESTION: When you say "I think the art of writing the single issue has been lost." It's clear that you're trying to resurrect that lost "art" in some of your work... What contemporary storytellers do you think are attempting to practice this done-in-one "lost art"?
MATT FRACTION: Jason Aaron, whose SCALPED and THE OTHER SIDE both function to me as self-contained experiences that connect to a larger whole, absolutely knocks me out.

Thanks to Matt and all of the reviewers. The checks are in the mail.


David Press at: 10:59 PM said...

shit, dude, you deserve those accolades. And I'm looking forward to getting those gems signed at NYCC in a couple weeks.

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