The Vietnam War in Comics: SUPER GREEN BERET

B. Clay Moore asked for it, and here it is: TOD HOLTON, SUPER GREEN BERET.

Tod is an all-American teenager who's given a magic, glowing beret by his uncle. When he dons the beret... SHAZAM! Young Tod is transformed into an adult super soldier, much like Captain Marvel in fatigues. As Super Green Beret, Tod is able to use his magic powers to aid the American troops in Vietnam by making "magic monkeys" appear to throw coconuts at the Viet Cong or turning hand grenades into pineapples.

This guy here's already done a great job making fun of this comic, panel by panel, so why should I even try?

SUPER GREEN BERET, published by Lightning Comics, only lasted for two issues in the spring of 1967. So unfortunately for all the GIs in Vietnam, Super Greenie Beanie was no where to be found come Tet 1968. Probably could've used those magic monkeys of his in Saigon and Hue City.

AFTER THOUGHT: All told, who made for the more ridiculous Green Beret, Tod Holton or this guy:


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