The Vietnam War in Comics: THE MIGHTY THOR

Marvel's Mighty Thor may have been the first superhero to lend a hand in the Vietnam War. In 1965's JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #117, Thor blundered into the war and helped a crazed, Commie commander see the error of his ways. "It was Communism that made me what I am—that shaped me into a brutal, unthinking instrument of destruction!" raved Hu Sak, as he aimed his pistol at a huge stockpile of bombs. "To Communism, then—may it vanish from the face of the earth and the memory of mankind!"

Unfortunately, that wasn't the last time Thor would visit Vietnam...

But more on that later.


Bill Reed at: 11:03 PM said...

What the hell?

Aww, now I've gotta find that issue of 'Nam.

Anita Dick at: 8:43 AM said...

Thor makes me horny.

john sixsmith at: 7:06 AM said...

i think the avengers also ventured into a kind of Vietnam - fighting the "Sin Cong" Avengers #18 "When the Commissar Commands"

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